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[BRITTANY] The abbot Perrot’s grave was desecrated

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tombe abbé perrot profanée
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On this Easter weekend, the tomb of Father Yann-Vari Perrot, a prominent Breton priest assassinated during the Second World War by an individual claiming to be a resistance fighter, was desecrated by extremists who assume that they have « neither God nor master ».

Defender of Brittany, his language and his faith, his ideal was detailed in two words: Feiz ha Breizh / Faith and Brittany.

This priest, close to the Welsh, including our Protestant brothers, had been very well received in Wales at a major event. The strong ties between the Breton Catholics and the Welsh Protestants who had been woven by Father Perrot, like other priests and pastors, contributed to an important ecumenical dialogue and were the genesis of Breton projects that the war aborted.

Father Perrot, wrongly suspected of collaboration with the Nazis, was killed after having celebrated Mass in a small chapel dedicated to St Corentin, December 12, 1943. Like Father Popieluszko in Poland, he was a victim of communist barbarity.

He is buried near the chapel of Koad Keo (Scrignac – Brittany).

On Easter Monday, shoked people discovered that the Celtic cross overhanging the tomb had been shot down, and tags were affixed to the tomb, the walls and steps of the chapel, as well as the nearby buildings.

For the moment, very few members of the Emsav (Breton movement) condemned this heinous act. It is worth remembering that the Breton cultural movement owes a lot to the abbot.

A crowdfunding was initiated to restore his grave. Click below for more information :

I help restore the grave


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