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« LENT TIME : what about helping us to realize our projects ? »

Amzer-lenn / Temps de lecture : 2 min

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Ar Gedour works on a lot of projects and here are some examples.

After having worked with the ACC (Association Culture Citoyenne – Citizen’s Culture Association) in order to edit a bilingual booklet about the euthanasia in French and Breton languages and being distributed 10,000 copies for free, some others actions are planned :


-Distributing booklets in Breton (one about “Jesus” and an other about the “hereafter”) is planned in 2014. -We work on trying to distribute bilingual religious documents (about the sacraments, the mourning…) into the Breton churches and into the diaspora’s ones. That requires a consistent work ahead and an important financing.

– We organize an evening of Breton Eucharistic adoration at April, 26th, in the Saint Ivo of the Bretons’ church, in Rome, upon the Popes John Paul II and John XXIII’s canonization. This evening will be led by the Gedourion ar Mintin band and it will make Brittany shine during this international event.

-We are preparing a short but clear document (and educational too) about the use of the Breton culture for the evangelization. We hope that this document will be generously distributed through Brittany.


These actions are the ones that we have chosen to do in the short or in the medium terms, in 2014 if we could do so. But they require a consistent financing. This is why we are calling upon you, on the occasion of this Lent time : a donation, even slender, can help us to realize these plans. Saint Joseph helps us, but an help from you is important too. We thank you in advance (without forgetting the people who will be reached thanks to you !)


Nothing easier than helping us :

-For the “editing” actions : click on the Paypal button on the right side (or directly with this link ). The link is safe.

-To support the Rome’s evening : click on this safe link and be led to the dedicated communal fund.

-You can also send your donation directly by mailing us.


As the Pope Francis said in his latest encyclical EVANGELII GAUDIUM « Underlying popular piety, as a fruit of the inculturated Gospel, is an active evangelizing power which we must not underestimate: to do so would be to fail to recognize the work of the Holy Spirit. Instead, we are called to promote and strengthen it, in order to deepen the never-ending process of inculturation. Expressions of popular piety have much to teach us; for those who are capable of reading them, they are a locus theologicus which demands our attention, especially at a time when we are looking to the new evangelization. «  (par. 126)


The new evangelization, the Gospel’s inculturation in Brittany and the future of Brittany are important to you ? Thanks for your helping ! Trugarez deoc’h !


Thanks to F. Coupechoux for the english translation.


À propos du rédacteur Eflamm Caouissin

Marié et père de 5 enfants, Eflamm Caouissin est impliqué dans la vie du diocèse de Vannes au niveau de la Pastorale du breton. Tout en approfondissant son bagage théologique par plusieurs années d’études, il s’est mis au service de l’Eglise en devenant aumônier. Il est Directeur de Publication d'Ar Gedour.

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